Specialists in developing and operating dating brands

We’re a software house of nerds that build valuable user-centered dating platforms

Our users must experience

We live and breathe to connect people with each other. That’s why we go all in, when we create the best user experiences, with products that engage and include across cultures and backgrounds

Technology that moves

We love to succeed in development and innovative solutions. At Amsiq, it’s our engineers who set the agenda, and every week we set new goals and question the boundaries of what’s technically possible

A Beckham in entrepreneurship

We want to be remembered as those who did the impossible - even in many years. We’ve come a long way with our various expertises, but it’s our entrepreneurial spirit, which makes us pull together and aim higher


Beta is live, check it out

Lovla is the latest addition to the family and the proof that we simply can’t help but create sparks. Finding your match, becomes more exiting with Lovla as your wingman

It’s totally free

We want people to find love, and it’s on the house. You heard that right. Everyone get the opportunity to explore our universe, test all features and create new connections

Come along with us

Have you heard? We invite you to Friday bar, just to hear your honest opinion. Don't hold back, we can take it. We are devoted to the user centred religion


Rank 1 achieved in 12 countries

If Soudfa was in the League of Legends, we would definitely be in the Grandmaster league. We’re top 10 in 54 countries, which has given us the urge to win more

Highest selling in 18 countries

It's going pretty well with Soudfa. In fact, it’s going so well that today, we’re delighted to be among the 10 highest-earning apps in 128 countries, across several categories

We support over 5 million users

Which has resulted in countless love stories and weddings - and the journey is far from over. Every day, new singles find their way to our platform and start their own adventure

Meet us

  • The avatar of Claus Kaiser

    Claus Kaiser

    Web Lord

    “Elrond of www”
  • The avatar of Maria Zama

    Maria Zama

    The Beyoncé

    “Hmm… What's your sign?”
  • The avatar of Ahmad Haddad

    Ahmad Haddad

    The Dark Lord

    “Test me”
  • The avatar of Mortada Haddad

    Mortada Haddad


    “Try looking at it again”
  • The avatar of Sura Al-Bahadli

    Sura Al-Bahadli


    “Ey Claaaus?”
  • The avatar of Tristan Richard

    Tristan Richard

    App Wizard

    “Okay, just 5 more minutes”
  • The avatar of Lasse Mortensen

    Lasse Mortensen

    Android Samurai

    “Do you get it now?”
  • The avatar of Rasmus Thomsen

    Rasmus Thomsen

    Design Champion

    “More minimalism”
  • The avatar of Cecilie Mariendal

    Cecilie Mariendal

    Web Mage

    “Claus says that?”

About us

Passionate tech nerds

We’re a young and passionate team of wise heads from all over the Danish kingdom, with different skills, backgrounds and personalities. But what keeps us together, is the fact that we enjoy each other's company, both inside and outside the workplace.

Our work philosophy is a balanced mix of technical-nerdyness, passion for people, collaboration and lots of high-fives. We’re not perfect, but together we learn from each other and become better every day.

We live by our quality. The products we create at Amsiq are special, due to the quality and innovative mindset behind it. As the rebels in Star Wars, we strike the Empire despite the fact that the difference in strength, sometimes can seem daunting. With The Force in the back, we tease the big players despite the fact that we’re not the biggest fish in the pond.

- And oh yes, we’re pretty good at celebrating all the dates we help create, because we’re driven by success and good times.

Where can you find us?

We’re at the office almost around the clock, but probably most accommodating between 9 and 16