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Amsiq is a software company founded in 2009, that develops online products. We operate in multiple markets worldwide and our products include interactive online applications, high-traffic social platforms, online games, advanced web-services and backend systems. Every Amsiq product operates under it’s own brand and identity, and is fully developed and operated from our headquarters in Denmark.

We are a software company with a strong entrepreneurial background; we are constantly anticipating future needs and keeping an eye out for new opportunities, whereby we can utilize our wide expertise and the latest technologies to develop online concepts and products that meet the demands of the future. Products which are effective, long-term and successful. At Amsiq quality doesn't fear time.

We are software innovators, ready to push the limits of today's technologies. Always staying business minded and striving to create maximum value for our company, brands and users. We are an international team that includes engineers, designers and marketing managers all business minded, highly responsible and ready to face any challenge.

In a fast changing world, we do not believe in a final product, but use an iterative development and business process to insure that we always stay ahead. Our work philosophy is a well-balanced blend of technical skills, business strategy, user feedback, value creation and a passion for technology and people.

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  • Mission

    To develop great digital products

  • Vision

    Simply, to be trendsetters in the digital world

  • Values

    • Effective Quality

      Amsiq believes that quality is about meeting unspoken demands. We value products that are complete, well thought and of high quality. Products that are built to last and remain effective in the long-term.

    • Constant Innovation

      An innovative mindset in all our endeavors is alpha omega at Amsiq. We operate in an area that never sleeps, and we believe that our potential is as non static as the technology that surrounds us.

    • Mutual Responsibility

      At Amsiq we place great trust in our ourselves. With great trust comes great responsibility and this enables us to cultivate and reach our full potential in every aspect of our business.


  • Large scale online platforms

    We are experts in developing and running large high traffic online platforms, with millions of users, where security, redundancy and efficient programming are essential. Our solutions are multilingual and bidirectional by design and therefore ready to take-off internationally.

  • The modern web

    As smartphones are overtaking traditional desktops as means to surf the web, we are at the forefront of this development. Our solutions function on all modern devices from smartphones to tablets and both older and newer pcs/macs. We test thoroughly cross-device/browser and utilize advanced mobile-first responsive design.

  • Mobile app development

    We stay on the front line with modern native mobile applications as smart devices are becoming a bigger and bigger influence in our daily lives. We create seamless user experiences, and continuously stay up-to-date with state of the art technology. Our mobile applications are designed to be highly scalable and support thousands of users every day.

  • Backend system

    To support multi-platform real-time distributed applications, a robust backend solution is indispensable. We develop very modern and efficient fullscale Rest-Apis, that application developers love to work with. The backend system allows us to support new platforms such as, mobile devices, web applications/plugins, smart watches, consoles, TVs even cars rapidly.

  • Development framework

    We have created our own highly effective and modern development framework that allow us to build and test large and complex solutions easily, planned for the long term. With a strong focus on not repeating yourself, modular separation of concerns, internationalization and extensibility by design.

  • Intelligent administration

    Running large scale online platforms requires effective and intelligent support, moderation and administration. We take pride in robotic solutions that maximizes efficiency, and allow day-to-day activity to run smoothly with very few people, while maintaining a very high support quality and actively fight fraud and misuse.

  • Modern management

    At Amsiq we employ a flat management structure. Our team is highly self managing and independent. We value good communication and a modern workspace that is loaded with technology and smart devices. Wondering why our desks don’t come with bins? It’s because we don’t use paper. Everything is digital.

  • Advertising strategy

    We are experts in advertising and marketing large websites and maximizes conversions on every penny spent. As specialists in Google AdWords and related technologies, we have an in depth understanding of targeted online advertising, the importance of branding and the constantly changing way people use technology.

  • Business strategy

    We have an in depth understanding of the importance of business processes and strategy in both development, marketing and administration of complex, international projects. In addition, we have great experience in running and launching successful projects targeting the Gulf region.

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Amsiq is growing fast and we are constantly on the lookout for talented and passionate people to join our team and contribute to our company's growth and success. We need first-class, determined people who can think and act both locally and globally. Are you always up for a challenge? Then we can offer you an exciting career.

We recognize and value each employee's unique skills, abilities and knowledge. All of our positions provide opportunities for further advancement for those who meet or exceed performance expectations. We're an international team dedicated to creating innovative solutions with the quality to last. We know how to work together to achieve optimum results and value trust and responsibility highly.

Our management style is flat and open giving employees room for influence and personal development. We trust our employees and provide a very modern workspace with plenty of bonuses.

We're technology nerds, and proud of it. We have the newest equipment and software that technology offers, because staying ahead is vital to us. If you hear a strange buzzing, it's just our company drone taking a spin. Saying that "internet of things" is a dream come true for us would be an understatement.

We actively work to identify potential talent, if you feel that you have the skills required to join our team, or have an idea that can add a new dimension to our range of services, we would love to hear from you.

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Job openings

At this moment we have no open positions at Amsiq.

We are more than happy to receive unsolicited applications.

We are continuously looking for:

  • UX Designer
  • Web Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Software Developer


Every semester Amsiq offers 2-3 internships. Check out our adds underneath, find the one which fits your profile and send us a motivated application

You’ll be part of a company where the distance from thought to action is short. We only develop our own sites and apps and have an iterative approach to development in all our projects with an extended focus on quality and innovation.

You’ll be part of a small agile team, where your ideas and inputs will be appreciated. At the same time you’ll be given your own areas of responsibility and the time to immerse yourself.

As an intern at Amsiq you’ll get an unique possibility to combine theory and practice and get hands-on experience from real projects.

You’ll always be working with one of our experienced developers, and if you do well we’ll have a job for you afterwards.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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